Sock Monkey Crib Bedding Idea

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Sock monkey crib bedding – Abe sheet can be a fun part of the decor of your baby nursery or bedroom. Decorated with whimsical patterns of chimpanzees and monkeys swinging from vines or hiding behind flowers, sock monkey crib bedding a sweet style of bedding that can make your child’s room a magical, mystical portal to life in the jungle.

The whole sock monkey crib bedding themed sheet sets, including pillowcases and a blanket or quilt, are available for your infant’s crib. Almost every color that you would find at the bottom of a nursery theme is available and you can also add applications to the wall to complete the look. Adding laminated banana cuts and monkey characters to a cell phone would be an added bonus.

Sock monkey crib bedding is still an enduring motif in decorative themes. You can buy everything from sock monkey dolls for jack-in-the-boxes and, of course, sheets and comforters. If you really get into the sock monkey, can your entire room feature decorations from wall to wall. June 2011, you can get twin sheet sets with monkeys to $ 12.99 on the low end, and you can go deep into the low $ 100’s to set that includes throw pillows and comforters.