Repair Sagging Three Drawer Dresser

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Three drawer dresser – Dresser drawers are wooden structures with a plywood base. The plywood base sits in the grooves on the sides, front, and rear compartment. Time and humidity causes the plywood base to begin to settle create the look of a saggy drawer. Repairing a gash drawer is a simple matter of strengthening the bottom of the tray. The hardest part of the project is to measure. The measurements must be precise, so measure twice before making any cuts.

Repair sagging three drawer dresser, remove the tray and place it upside down on a flat surface. Press plywood base back in the grooves along the sides, front, and rear compartment. Measure from side to side of the tray. Cut a wooden board to the width of the tray with a miter saw. The board should fit under the plywood base. Most of the drawers have a 1/2-inch clearance, while others may have less clearance. Measure the depth of the clearance and to use a wooden board, which is the depth, the height of which is less than half an inch.

After that to repair sagging three drawer dresser, add a bead of adhesive extends from one side of the tray to the other. Shoot 1-inch divers at an angle through the ends of wooden board on the sides of drawers with a brad nailed. Remove the clamps after the glue has dried by the drying times stated on the bottle with glue.