Mid Century Modern Dresser Style

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Mid century modern dresser – Whether you reuse an agency or want to make a big design statement in a room, the high contrast between black and white can give even an ugly dresser a new life. Choose an agency design that fits your artistic abilities and your home decor scheme. For a modern, clean look, paint the body agency either black or white depending on what works with the rest of the room decor. Paint the front in the second color and select the drawer pulls in the base color. The simple expanses of color will work in either a modern or traditional home. To add an extra pop, use a little pattern on the box or legs.

If you want to give your mid century modern dresser rustic look, make the most of the construction details. Paint the entire agency in matte black color. When dry, use sandpaper to create a weathered look around the edges. To add an extra pop, painting a design on the front of the doors in a white color; you may make numbers, letters or inspirational words.

If you have artistic talents, put them to work at a mid century modern dresser with a spray paint and stencil style artwork. Create a stencil by blowing up a piece of art and use it as a pattern. Consider a favorite comic book frame or a graffiti style piece. Create stencil with spray paint, leaving out the edges for an informal look that can wrap around the corner or lie flat on the surface.