Industrial Dresser: Attractive For Your Interior

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Industrial dresser – Are you looking for another air for your living room? Do you like boho chic? Here you will find a wide range of possibilities to give your rooms the touch you are looking for: dresser in industrial style and transform the appearance of your spaces without much work.

The living room sideboard is usually the flagship of the room. We give you some suggestions to integrate the sideboard that you prefer the concept of your home. In a house of zen style it is integrates  a low and minimal living room  of wood, with matte gray finish. Place it on a maroon carpet and decorate it with a tabletop stone fountain, a buddha figure, white aromatic candles and two vases with natural bamboo. If your spaces are  eclectic , your industrial dresser can show curved lines, French style  . Combine it with reclaimed ancillary tables and add to the space an elegant chaise-longue.

A house that boasts Scandinavia needs a Danish sliding door industrial dresser, next to a high minimal cabinet that will function as a TV stand and bookcase. Illuminates with a three-legged floor lamp and plays with gray, white, some black touch and natural wood.