Fun Ideas Airplane Crib Bedding Theme

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Consider many ways of decorating a baby’s room, including use of airplane crib bedding. Transportation issues are easy to make. Start with themed bedding or solid color. Then paint airplanes, trains or cars on wall, depending on your chosen subject. If you choose planes, you can model airplanes hanging from ceiling or trains or cars pattern place on shelves. Look for lamp shades with mode of transport chosen to add additional accents. Many stores of baby activity mats have roads in them, which can be placed in center of nursery as an accent. Your baby can wear carpet to play later.

You can find airplane crib bedding that fits in many baby stores. You can also decorate your own bedding if you cannot find exact color and animal you are looking for. Place stuffed airplane around room to match theme and Furniture painting with airplane.

Choose a color for design of your room. You can choose airplane crib bedding solid and playing with different shades of color. For example, if you want to use purple, decorating with purple, plum and lavender. You can paint walls a solid color or you could make stripes or polka dots to create a theme. You can also choose two or three colors, such as blue, green and brown. Choosing a color theme allows you to decorate your room as you want and not limited to a particular animal or sports, for example. Decorations and furniture can be anything that suits your color scheme.