DIY Toy Kid’s Cherry Dresser

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Cherry dresser – The most valuable possessions, many young girls are their puppets, and all the little clothes and shoes that followed them. If your child has a dock with many outfits, it is unlikely you will find a toy chest of drawers in a store today. But with a few pieces of wood, you can build a toy chest of drawers for your child’s doll clothes.

First to build cherry dresser, cut 1-by-10 lumber in five, three that are 20 inches long, and two that are 11 1/2 inches long. Cut a 1-by-4 of the two pieces that are each 21 1/2 inches long. Add one of the 20-inch-long pieces flat on the work surface, with long edges on the left and right and the shorter edges on the top and bottom. Squeeze a bead of wood glue along the left and right edges. Though the two remaining 20-inch pieces perpendicular to the first, one along each joint.

Clamp the glued boards in place, and let them dry completely. Sink two screws through the back card of each side board, a top and a bottom. Release the clips. Attach one of the 21 1/2-inch-long pieces to the free edge of each side piece. Add shelves or drawers to the interior of your toy Agency. Paint the toy cherry dresser of drawers you want.