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Cowboy crib bedding – If you are expecting a baby, you will probably get his kindergarten ready before his arrival. When your nesting instincts kick, you can prepare a nursery in a cowboy theme to something fun. Using simple ideas for decor, bedding and accessories, you can prepare a place for your little cowpoke that he is sure to love.

You can find cowboy crib bedding on baby retailers. You can also just choose one color bedding in your color scheme or find bedding with simple stars or horses on it. If you can sew (or know someone who can) turn cowboy-themed fabric into your own crib bedding. You can also buy cowboy-themed fleece to make a blanket, and even get a few stuffed pony accessories. Remember to remove carpet and stuffed animals from bed when your little one is in his crib, at least until he gets a little older.

To complete cowboy crib bedding, you can buy genuine cowboy hats and boots to decorate your room. Use hats to hang on walls, and put boots in corner. You can even use them to keep toys or accessories. You can get a toy pony or rocking horse in room or even hang film posters from classic western movies. You can order “rope art” online, where they will spell your child’s name using rope as a lasso.

You can also buy wooden cowboy and accessories cut-outs at craft store. Just paint them and then add them to your regular decor items to spice things up. For example, glue a wooden cowboy boot for a lamp base, or adding a wooden pony to front of your changing table. User stencils or freehand paint on your walls and furniture can also be useful.