Adding To The Metal Locker Dresser

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Metal locker dresser is designed to store and hide items in an accessible place. Wooden boxes are built tough to take years of abuse. Unfortunately, even the best-built box of wear over time as it scrapes and rubs sides of the seating area. Install metal locker dresser in your drawers will eliminate this problem. Drawers with metal slides opens and closes easily and will not sag. The only maintenance required is periodic cleaning to keep the images free of debris.


Pull out the drawer without the cabinet. Wipe the outside of the box and the inside of the casing with a damp cloth. Measure the height of the side of the box. Mark the center of each side panel on the front and back with your pencil. Place a piece of drawer hardware on one side of the box. Center the hardware on your marks with the guide wheel at the rear of the box. Attach the hardware to the box with screws.

Measure and mark the center of the height of the opening in the cabinet. Make a mark on the front and back of the cabinet on both sides. Illuminate the hole with your flashlight. Center the cabinet hardware on your seats. Secure each piece of hardware with its mounting screws. Lifting the rear of the box. Release the steering wheel in the opening of the cabinet hardware. Slide it in place. Drag and pull the drawer open and closed several times to test the fit metal locker dresser.